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H2O Interior Stain

Grimes & Sons H2O Interior Stain is a low VOC, one coat, wax free, water stain, suitable for use on all interior raw timbers. H2O Interior Stain must be sealed with Top Coat ClearEggshell Oil VarnishDanish OilPolyurethaneBees Wax Polish or Shellac. We recommend that you make your own test on part of the job which does not show to determine suitability for your specific use. 

To maintain colour consistency on floors, it’s recommended that 100 grit sandpaper is used for the final edge sanding and final main sanding. If a putty is used, make sure it matches the stain. When cutting in, ensure the stain is laid off in the direction of the grain. If lap marks occur, you can feather in the edges by reactivating the stain with a stain wet brush or scourer.

Stir thoroughly before and during use. Apply 1 coat of H2O Interior Stain generously, ensuring the timber is evenly saturated. Coat 1 square metre of flooring at a time, using a clean brush, or 10-11 mm nap roller. Activate cut in areas with a stain wet brush prior to rolling. Never roll against the grain. Excess stain must be removed once the stain is completely dry; use a worn purple scouring pad and vacuum residue. With the primer coat, avoid back stroking as this may pull up the stain, especially on darker colours. If between the 2nd and 3rd coats grain raise has occurred, carefully rub back with a purple scouring pad and vacuumresidue. 

Coverage is ≈ 12 - 16 m2/L, depending on timber porosity and application method. It is best not to apply in temperatures below 10 ℃ or above 30 ℃. Allow at least 4 hours drying, but 24 hours drying time is recommended, especially on tannin rich timbers. Brushes and equipment should be cleaned thoroughly with water. Timber has natural faults and features. Neither the manufacturer nor his agent will accept responsibility for colour variation.. Always make your own test on part of the job which does not show to determine suitability for your specific use. Provide adequate ventilation during use. Keep out of reach of Children. Keep container closed when not in use.

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