Polyurethane - Satin & Gloss

Norglass Polyurethane is a low odour, single pack clear, with excellent durability and abrasion resistance. Contains a high level of UV screening agents making it suitable for exterior and interior use. Ideal for floors, furniture, and all marine applications. Has very good water resistance, although not recommended for areas of constant immersion. Excellent for cupboards, doors, interior panelling, bench tops, architraves, furniture, etc.. If staining is required, apply 1 coat of Grimes & Sons Interior Stain or H₂O Interior Stain and allow to dry for 12 hours before application of Polyurethane.

Spraying & Brushing Thinners

Weatherfast Spraying Thinners is a blended thinner formulated for use with all Weatherfast products, NoRust Primer, and Premium Gloss,  

Weatherfast Brushing Thinners is a retarder-thinner for Weatherfast products and NoRust Primer to slow the drying rate and to improve brushability. Also used as a clean-up solvent for Weatherfast products.

Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin

Solventless, water-clear pour-on gloss finish for bar and table tops. Gives a clear liquid coating that can be used for decoupage applications. Other uses are for filling timber surface irregularities prior to clear finishing. Excellent adhesion, flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Grey Away

Removes grey oxides from timbers restoring the natural wood grain.  An excellent cleaner and stain remover for fibreglass surfaces. Concentrated: Dilute with equal parts fresh water.

Weatherfast Premium Gloss

Modified polyurethane low odour single pack paint producing the highest quality marine grade gloss enamel. For use on prepared steel, aluminium, concrete, timber and other surfaces where performance and durability is paramount. Not suitable for areas of continuous immersion

No Rust All Surface Primer White 

Very fast drying stain sealing primer, with excellent inhibiting pigments for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Outstanding adhesion qualities with 20 minute drying and rapid recoating.