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Outdoor Furniture Oil

Grimes & Sons Outdoor Furniture Oil is a blend of oils, waxes, & resins, which penetrates deeply into raw timbers, giving a soft, natural glow. It is also an excellent interior timber floor oil. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, & free from wax, grease, dust, or previous coatings. Sand smooth in the direction of the grain and dust off. Apply with a clean dry cloth, brush, or foam roller. Wait 5-10 minutes & lightly wipe over with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat application until there is an even lustre. Can be tinted to any timber colour. Please note that oil contaminated rags are prone to spontaneous combustion. We recommend that all cloths are either laid flat to dry, soaked in water and thrown out, or incinerated. Always make your own test on part of the timber which does not show to determine the suitability for your specific use. Tools and brushes should be cleaned with mineral turpentine. Coverage is 12-15 m²/L, depending on the porosity of timber and method of application.