Timber Precoating Services

We have a Timber Precoating Service available. At present, the full range of colours in Controlled Erosion Stain, and clear Rich Wood Oil are available in the system, though other products and tinted Rich Wood Oil may be available at request.

Colour Consultation

We can match just about any colour from just about any thing. If you bring in the bark off a tree, or a weathered stone, or any accurate photo of what you’re after, we’ll be able to match it for you, if we don’t already have that sort of colour in stock. Colourcoat, Cement Render Paint, Masonry Satin, Masonry Wash, Controlled Erosion Satin, Oil Acrylic, Deck & Trim, H2O Interior Stain, Cerusing Paste, Rich Wood Oil, Woodstain, Interior Stain, can all have tailor made colours and matching done with them. Water based products have a greater range of workable colours.


Colour Matching

Stone & Mortar

We can match any new stone to old. By using Controlled Erosion Stain, Masonry Wash, or Masonry Stain, we'll be able to match the difference in stone, and add years of ageing, all with water based solutions. Bring in a sample of the old stone or mortar and the new stone and mortar that you wish to have aged, and we can match it. It'll act as a binder and reduces water absorption too, reducing dusting from said mortar joints. Can be used on concrete, stone, tilt slabs, and similar surfaces, and we have a very large range of pre-matched colours.


Timber: Aged & New

We have a range of water and oil based stains to match new timber to old. The water based stains, and the products with the greatest flexibility of colour are: Oil Acrylic, Deck & Trim, & H2O Interior Stain. The Oil Based products are Rich Wood Oil, Woodstain, & Interior Stain. These tend to give a deeper, oiled finish, but are limited to more natural timber colours.


StanDard Acrylic Paints

We have a Colour Spectrophotometer, which means that we have a greater capability to match colours to solid acrylic bases (primarily Haymes Paint bases). The larger the sample, the better, as we’re able to read from multiple locations. The scanner cannot read anything smaller than a 10 cent coin.