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Silicone Water Repellent

Grimes & Sons Silicone Water Repellent is a clear, silicone based solution. It is suitable for use on Mudbrick, Rammed Earth, Straw Bales, Timbercrete, etc.. Silicone Water Repellent penetrates deeply into the surface whilst still allowing Mudbrick walls to breathe. For a lighter earth shade on exterior Mudbrick walls, Grimes & Sons Colourcoat must be applied prior to use.

Coverage is  5 m²/L, depending on the porosity of the surface and method of application. Ensure surface is completely dry and free from any grease or moisture. Do not apply in temperatures below 10 ℃, above 30 ℃, when rain is imminent, or during windy conditions. Can be brushed or sprayed on. Apply 2 even coats, wet on wet, starting at the top of the wall, then working your way across, ensuring each section is covered in one application. When spraying Silicone Water Repellent, care should be taken to protect nearby articles from overspray, such as gardens or timber. If contact does occur, wash immediately with mineral turps. Tools and equipment should be cleaned thoroughly with mineral turps.

Stir/shake thoroughly before application. Provide adequate ventilation during use. We recommend that you make your own test on part of the job which doesn't show to determine suitability for your specific use. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Keep out of reach of children.

Available in:

1 L, 5L, & 10L.



H227: Combustible liquid and vapour.

H315: Causes skin irritation.

H335: May cause respiratory irritation.