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Grimes & Sons Woodstain is a waxing, sealing stain with a matte finish. The transparent colours give a warm natural depth, while the linseed oil and wax ingredients nourish your timber. Suitable for use on ceilings, beams, wood paneling, et al.. We recommend that you make your own test on part of the job which does not show to determine suitability for your specific use. 

Do not apply in temperatures below 10℃, above 30℃, or when rain is imminent. Coverage is ≈ 12 - 16 m²/L, depending on timber porosity and method of application. Ensure surface is completely dry and free from wax, grease, dust, etc. Provide adequate ventilation during use. Stir thoroughly before and during use with a flat paddle. Keep lid closed when not in use. Apply with a clean brush, roller, or spray gun. Only 1 coat is required. On hardwoods, it is recommended that the stain be wiped back 10 minutes after application to remove excess and ensure an even finish. Allow 8 hours between coats. All tools should be cleaned thoroughly with mineral turpentine.

Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, seek medical advice. Timber has natural faults and features. Neither the manufacturer nor his agent will accept responsibility for colour variation. All paint contaminated cloths are prone to spontaneous combustion. Therefore we recommend that all cloths should be laid flat to dry. Dispose of carefully.



H227: Combustible liquid and vapour.

H315: Causes skin irritation.

H335: May cause respiratory irritation.