Grimes & Sons is run by Una, Alan, and Alex Grimes. We are a family run and owned business and our family has been making paints and stains since 1956. We are proudly Australian made and owned. 

We supply Australia with the finest quality paints, stains, coatings, and finishes for timber, flooring, plaster, brick, straw-bale, and mudbrick, in domestic and commercial markets. We match new stone to old, age timber to fit any heritage building, and offer protective coatings that won't interfere with the lustre level. Colour creating is a speciality of ours, with home owners, interior designers, and architects all relying on us, often saying we are their secret weapon. We only source the highest quality products and ingredients. We are also stockists of Porter's and Haymes Paints, plus Dulux Industrial Coatings.

We have allocated parking on site, so there’ll always be a spot for you, regardless of how busy the rest of the area is.


For mudbrick renders & finishes, click here, here, here, & here. For aged timber stains and weathered grey, & black timber stains, click here, here, here, or here. For floor stains or specialised architectural stains, click here.

New Products or Services

We now have a Timber Precoating Service available. All Controlled Erosion Stain colours are available in it, and many others. Email or call us for pricing and further info.

We have developed a Masonry Stain for concrete, stone, tilt slabs, and similar surfaces. Available in all manner of colours.

We have a Colour Spectrophotometer, which means that we have a greater capability to match colours to solid acrylic bases (primarily Haymes bases).


We supply the highest quality products for all manner of residential buildings, from the DIY to professional tradespeople. From undercoats, paints, and renders, to water repellents and floor coatings, we completely cover the coatings stage of building.


Thinking well outside the square, we work closely with many interior designers and architects to develop specialised colours and finishes for many award winning buildings.


Our matching of stone and timber work has allowed the restoration and heritage of many great buildings such as Melbourne University, the State Library, & St. Paul's Cathedral (above). 

Container/Paint Returns

We do not accept returns of paint nor the containers that house it. However, if the container are empty and dry, it can be thrown in the recycle bin. If you have waste paint that you need to dispose of, please refer to Paintback. Paintback is a system for returning and recycling (where possible) waste paint and containers. They accept up to 100 L of paint per vehicle, in containers no larger than 20 L. It is free to drop off the paint. There is a growing list of locations for disposal, which can be found here.

Paintback accepts the following products:

Deck coatings, floor paints, interior & exterior architectural paint (water & solvent based), packaging, primers, sealers, shellacs, stains, undercoats, urethanes (single pack), varnishes, wood coatings (containing no pesticides).