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Peerless Jal


Concentrated neutral floor cleaner, for use in everyday cleaning of polished timber, vinyl, lino, ceramic and brick floors. Allows thorough cleaning and removal of greasy soil without detriment to the floor or redepositing of soilage. High dilution rates. May be used as a neutral spray and wipe cleaner.  

Available in: 1 & 5 L


Liquid bleaching, disinfecting and cleaning agent, for use on timber to clean and remove fungus and mould spore prior to re-oiling, painting or staining.

Available in: 1 & 5 L

Gemini Sealer Finish

For use on vinyl, lino, timber or rubber floors. Can be used to reseal brick paving or slate floors. Test first.  Apply with lambs wool applicator. Two/three coats.

Old floors must be washed first with Strobe or Grimes & Sons Wax & Oil Remover. (Gloss finish) (Interior use)

Available in: 1 & 5 L

Gemini Satin Timber Floor Polish

For use on timber floors. Test first. Apply with a lambs wool applicator. Do not use on floors which have been waxed, remove wax buildup by washing with Grimes & Sons’ Wax & Oil Remover first. One/two coats. (Satin finish)(Interior use)

Available in: 1 & 5 L


For use on hard surfaces; concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, tiles, slate, brick, terra-cotta and quarry tiles. Apply two coats with a lambs wool applicator. (Interior/Exterior use)

Available in: 5 & 25 L


A waterborne hybrid concrete & hard stone finish. Extra tough, low sheen, hard wearing, low VOC, non-slip waterborne Aliphatic hybrid polyurethane finish for internal and external concrete floors, hard stone and slate floors. Commercial & domestic use.

Available in: 5 & 15 L